Training Services

– We Provide courses and diplomas with the highest level of quality and experience either in our training halls, the client’s headquarters, or hotel halls.

– Our online courses are recorded on our electronic platform according to the latest technologies in support and development of the e-training which is compatible with the customer’s strategy.
– We professionally design training programs to cover clients’ requirements and needs.
– Our Training programs are held inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Training Methodology

(In-House and Online Training)

1) Client
We make sure to meet the client in a regular basis to listen to his needs and the problems he wishes to solve

.2) Analysis:
We then analyze the training needs based on the required competencies, goals and training methods.
3) Preparation:
Our expert team prepares and designs suitable training packages based on the highest scientific standards and the latest references within the international specifications so that the content is consistent with the training output.

4) Implementation:
The training programme is implemented according to the client’s requirements while ensuring the quality of the outputs before, during and after the implementation of the training program.

5) Development:

We continuously work on developing the curricula, portfolios, training packages and our methods according to the latest developments and theories in the world of training

6) Evaluation:

This is one of the essential tasks to guarantee the quality of the training process, as we add Key performance Indicators “KPI” to each training program.7) Measuring the impact of training programme after a monthWe use in our institute the (Kirk Patrick) model to evaluate training and measure its impact, as it is considered one of the most appropriate and popular model in terms of application:

– The first level: evaluating of the program, the environment, and the trainer.
– The second level: learning evaluation
– The third level: evaluating the application
– The fourth level: measuring the impact and results

In order to create a positive change at the level of the individual and the organization:
– The trainee should know what and how the skills that must be applied in the work environment.
– The work environment should be positive and accept change.
– Rewards should be given to the ones who accept change in the work environment.

Training Methods

1- Movies (subject related videos)
2- Practical Cases and Exercises
3- Work Simulation Exercises
4- Group Workshops
5- Role Play

6- Training Games
7- Guidance
8- Visual Presentations
9- Quizzes and Final Test
10- Participant’s Guide
11- Evaluation

Our Policy

in selecting and evaluating experts and trainers

1. We use our database or our social media channels to search for trainers in the field of the training programs.
2. We sort the trainers’ CVs based on the highest standards.
3. We then evaluate the trainer’s performance through a visual presentation by the trainers’ evaluation committee.
4. Finally, we send the nominated trainers’ CVs to our clients for their approval.

When setting up the training program and to ensure quality, it is done:
We follow a group of steps when setting up the training program to ensure achieving the highest quality and to do this

– We submit the trainer a copy of the course, visual presentation, activities, exercises, games and course templates.
– The trainer will be involved in the participants’ evaluation and their comments at the end of each training program.
– The training program coordinator gives a real-time report and instant feedback on the course of the program in the field to ensure the highest quality of implementation.