Chairman of Board of Directors’ Message

Praised be to Allah, and May Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon the Messenger of Allah, Prophet Mohammed and his family and companions. Nowadays, our society is facing great challenges in which everybody must share the responsibility to overcome them. We live in a modern world ruled by science and knowledge and based on effective, educated and trained human forces with international standards. From this perspective, we have taken upon ourselves to extract the global standards in the scientific and training aspects, to start from where others have stopped, and to raise youth energies and place them in the ranks of global cadres. Our youth energies need to be directed and upgraded and this can be achieved by providing them with the opportunity for a distinguished training that qualifies them for contemporary practical life to teach and train them according to the most advanced and updated mechanisms to increase their abilities to plan, implement and supervise.

These are our challenges at Rekaz Knowledge Institute, which we face with sincerity and enthusiasm.