It was the 2030 Vision and Kingdom’s government orientation and interest to build and qualify young Saudi cadres capable of advancing the Saudi society and economy that paved the way to establishing REKAZ Knowledge Institute for Training and Consulting, with national hands and qualified cadres with scientific and practical competencies who contributed to making a difference through the former positions they have held, as they took it upon themselves to transfer their experience and knowledge to the young men and women of this precious country.

The vision of the institute has been based on the promising industrial and technical sectors that represent a large part of the Saudi economy. REKAZ Institute has harnessed its mission and goals to be in line with the bright future of the Kingdom. It is also concerned with providing training, counseling and development solutions for the government and the private sectors in various fields, for example but not limited to: leadership and management, insurance, banking, technology, tourism, and investment.
REKAZ Knowledge Institute is well-equipped with the latest technologies and training equipments.
We are proud in our institute to have many internal and external partnerships that enable us to implement training programs through their branches which spread inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
We have distinguished ourselves with an up-to-date electronic platform to provide training services with the latest technologies and innovative methods in various fields.


Or goal is to earn our customers’ trust and support as one of the pillars of knowledge, and to become locally and globally recognized by using pace the latest technologies and standards.


We work hard transfer global knowledge and expertise that help to create a scientific, industrial and administrative mobility for the coming generations. From our position, we are going to be the helping hand which elevates and sustains the Saudi society’s construction and our homeland’s progress.

Our Goals

We make every effort to achieve our goals of educating, training, providing consolations and employing the youth of our beloved country in various public and private sector institutions by achieving the following goals:

• Contributing to the education of Saudi youth by providing educational programs in all the fields that the Saudi labor market require.

• Rehabilitating and training cadres on the required job skills in the labor market.

• Employing the largest number of qualified Saudi cadres in all governmental and private sectors.

• Cooperating with local and international institutions in the field of training.

• Providing engineering, educational, administrative and legal consultations with high professionalism and international standards.

“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.” Stephen Hawking

Our Values

Since the day in which Rekaz Knowledge Institute was established, we have been keeping in mind a set of foundations and standards that we are committed to follow:
1- Integrity: We deal with our clients with honesty and sincerity by being transparent in explaining the whole picture without any additions or evasiveness.
2- Empowerment: We do our utmost to Support the employees and establishments to achieve the highest possible level of productivity and we participate as well in developing solutions that ensure the continuity and success for the facility at work.
3- Entrepreneurship: We Work on developing the talents and creating leadership capabilities to build an effective work environment capable of upgrading the level of employees in the establishments through the optimal use of resources and technologies to enhance the concept of leadership in companies.
4- Quality Standards Guarantee: We provide our customers with the best international standards and practices in the field of training.
5- Uniqueness and Distinction: We use the latest methods in the training process like games, videos, practical cases, specialized speakers and international examination centers. We as well provide our trainees with the latest international curricula.