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It was the 2030 Vision and Kingdom’s government orientation and interest to build and qualify young Saudi cadres capable of advancing the Saudi society and economy that paved the way to establishing REKAZ Knowledge Institute for Training and Consulting, with national hands and qualified cadres with scientific and practical competencies who contributed to making a difference through the former positions they have held, as they took it upon themselves to transfer their experience and knowledge to the young men and women of this precious country.

Chairman Message

Praised be to Allah, and May Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon the Messenger of Allah, Prophet Mohammed and his family and companions. Nowadays, our society is facing great challenges in which everybody must share the responsibility to overcome them. We live in a modern world ruled by science and knowledge and based on effective, educated and trained human forces with international standards. From this perspective, we have taken upon ourselves to extract the global standards in the scientific and training aspects, to start from where others have stopped, and to raise youth energies and place them in the ranks of global cadres.

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Mar, 2021
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The center uses the latest management and training methods and applies everything it teaches and trains, and it tries to implant sublime values and the axes are excellent and can attract trainees in a wonderful way and does not tire of explaining until it is sure that the information is received, may God reward him all the best

_Fahd al-Dossari,

A center that carries out its mission with the utmost honesty and sincerity, and I am confident that it has changed some concepts of the trainees, if not all of them, and has added a lot to me

_Dr.. Ibrahim Al-Sulaiman,

The program is wonderful. It added a lot of things that I need, whether at work or in personal life, and I think that I will be able to manage and organize my work and my life by organizing time better than before.

_Mona Farhan Al-Maslamani,

The program achieved my goals because of the lecturer's following a very wonderful method in recounting technical information and communicating it to us in a more wonderful way, may God bless it.

_Khaled Ibrahim Al-Sallal,


Working Hours

  • Sunday-Monday  8:00 -15:40
  • Tuesday- Wednesday 9:00-16:30
  • Thursday  8:45 – 16:30
  • Holidays  Friday – Saturday

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    4 Years

    The vision of the institute has been based on the promising industrial and technical sectors that represent a large part of the Saudi economy. REKAZ Institute has harnessed its mission and goals to be in line with the bright future of the Kingdom.